Safety and Security Specialist at IKEA South East Europe

About the Job

In this position of Safety and Security Specialist SEE you will be responsible in five countries (Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Ukraine) to lead a proactive and comprehensive management of health, safety & security risks and ensure that all functions identify, assess and proactively handle those risks. You will secure that IKEA co-workers, customers and assets are protected from preventable loss, injury or illness and contribute to the positive working and shopping experience for all. You will develop and maintain strong relationships in order to gain trust with internal and external stakeholders. You will be located in Belgrade office and will report to Country Retail Risk & Compliance Manager.


On this position you will:

  • Secure that company’s level of protection and internal Regulations are in accordance with applicable health, safety, fire prevention, security and investigation standards in all units
  • Identify and mitigate health, safety & security risks using the Risk Management Process for running business and new business units (e.g. root cause analysis, emerging risks, influencing factors, mitigation plans), take ownership of the safety & security risk category in the Country Retail Risk Register, resulting in an annual Country Retail Risk Register showing key risks
  • Create awareness, coach and ensure training of co-workers that meets IKEA’s and local intended levels of health, safety & security. These must be known and implemented
  • Build strong relationships in the country in order to understand and support the needs of the functions, as trusted business partner
  • Monitor, develop and implement effective procedures (including country specific rules for external regulations) in respect of health, safety and security
  • Conduct checks & reviews of health, safety & security standards, document them and ensure that actions are implemented and followed up by the responsible
  • Proactively identify emerging risks and ensure early involvement in new initiatives and units
  • Ensure quality and timely reporting and handling of all incidents through Incident Reporting System
  • Ensure an effective Insurance claims handling and reporting process is applied and that the claims are analyzed, followed up and preventive actions are implemented
  • Secure that IKEA level of protection and internal regulations are in accordance with applicable health, safety, fire prevention, security and investigation standards in all units
  • Works together with the Safety and Security Managers and ensure IKEA Standards, Risk Management frameworks as well as legal demands are followed
  • Identify talents and develop people to secure succession planning.


  • Knowledge of insurance policies and claim handling procedures
  • Ability to conduct and document health, safety & security checks & reviews
  • Have a high level of personal integrity and able to engage and convince stakeholders to take ownership
  • Knowledge of relevant health, safety and security policies, standards and rules
  • Self-reliant and motivated with proven ability to work as part of a team and also independently
  • Extensive experience of safety & security in either retail, shopping centres, industry or governmental institutions
  • Team management skills (direct reports and functional reports)
  • Strong leadership ability with excellent communication, facilitation and change management skills
  • Strong decision maker
  • Ability to develop people and act as a role model and coach and react confidently to critical situations and act appropriately to minimize risks to the business and people
  • Able to communicate confidently and clearly in English, both written and verbal
  • Able to travel both domestically and internationally up to 50% of time.


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